Spats Leisure
Stop Muddy Trousers!

Spats, improve wet walking comfort.

Spats walking gaiters are the perfect way to keep trousers or ankle socks clean and dry - and feet warmer. Made of strong waterproof fabric with quick Velcro fastenings, they easily roll up to fit in
almost any pocket.
Compact and portable, they can be carried in your bag or coat whilst enjoying a variety of country pursuits. In the event of wet weather, they can be put on in seconds and will keep your lower legs warm and dry. Combined with a pair of decent walking boots, your feet will also be protected from water soaking into your socks.
Olive Green Spats Red Spats Black Spats Royal Blue Spats Navy Blue Spats
£15-45 post paid - Trade Enquiries Welcome

Sit Down on the Dry!

The 'Sit-Mat', for a dry seat.

A strong, water-proof sheet of woven nylon to put down on that log, rock or the grass before you sit down for that well earned rest. Enjoy the view, or your snack, without having a wet seat.
This Olive Green, polythene-coated, woven nylon sheet - 19 x 11 inches - is hard wearing, washable and can easily be packed in your back pack or coat pocket. It will fold to keep the muddy side inside, and then it can be folded again to be held with the buckle and strap. The Sit-Mat
£8-45 post paid - Trade Enquiries Welcome


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