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Customer Comments

  • Mr Summerland, UK
    • Super fast postage, a great item which does exactly as advertised. Easy to put on and lightweight on the legs when walking. I will be telling all my fellow ramblers about "Spats gaiters". +++

      • Submitted on 10th March 2012
  • Ms Ireland, UK
    • I was delighted to receive my new SPATS and to wear them for the first time this week after months without. I had discarded my well worn original pair then for some time could not source their replacement. WHY DO SO MANY WALKERS STRUGGLE WITH LACES AND ZIPS!!

      • Submitted on 9th March 2012
  • Ms Funnell, UK
    • Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the Spats my husband recently purchased for me. They are great and so much more convenient that my ordinary gaiters. I have been showing them off to friends so hope that they will be tempted to purchase them.

      • Submitted on 8th March 2012
  • Mr Eglon, UK
    • Hi thank you so much my order arrived today, an excellent product with very quick delivery.

      • Submitted on 3rd March 2012
  • Ms Wilson, UK
    • Just received the spats - received quickly and just as advertised. They were recommended by a rambler and would buy again, so easy to use.

      • Submitted on 26th Febuary 2012
  • Mr Malt, UK
    • I bought a pair of 'spats' earlier this year and they really do keep socks and trousers clean and free of mud. They are simple and quick to put on and remove - just wish I had had a pair years ago!!

      • Submitted on 24th Febuary 2012
  • Mr Drinkwater, UK
    • One of our walking group bought some of your gaiters a while back, and now nearly all of us have them, so I had to join the crowd. Good service, seem to work well, and so easy to deal with them before and after walks. I shall probably be buying more!

      • Submitted on 22nd Febuary 2012
  • Mr Hughes, UK
    • Thanks for your wonderful service.

      • Submitted on 21st Febuary 2012
  • Mr Reed, UK
    • Excellent delivery service & product.
      Easy to fit and also easy to clean.

      • Submitted on 20th Febuary 2012
  • Mr Batt, UK
    • They are excellent. Many thanks.

      • Submitted on 16th Febuary 2012
  • Mr Berry, UK
    • Thank you for sending my last order for 5 pairs of Spats.
      I have lost count of how many pairs of Spats I have ordered over several years on behalf of our Group. It must be over 30 by now - they have been very popular with our walkers.

      • Submitted on 14th Febuary 2012
  • Ms Grimwade, UK
    • Wonderful protection on muddy, wet walks. So easy to put on, take off and clean. A friend was impressed with them and is now planning to order a pair for himself.
      Rapid delivery and return when needed to exchange for a smaller size as medium for a size 9 boot is far too large.

      • Submitted on 26th January 2012
  • Ms Atkinson, UK
    • Very pleased with both the speed of the transaction and the Spats themselves, most impressive. I liked, too, the fact that I could pay safely by Paypal. Several people commented on the effectiveness, you may well have more orders as a result.

      • Submitted on 25th Janaury 2012
  • Ms Marshall, UK
    • A friend gave me a pair of SPATS for Christmas and I was delighted with them. Unfortunately I left them on a bench at the end of a walk and did not realise I'd lost them for a week! (too late to go back for them!!! I only hope they went to a good home!).
      I've just placed an order for a replacement - PLUS a pair for another friend and my husband! Love them!

      • Submitted on 24th January 2012
  • Ms Curnow, UK
    • I have had a pair of your spats for a couple of years now. They are still as good as new. I wear them for cycling. They stop my over trousers flapping on to the chain-stop the rain from going into my shoes and keep my ankles and feet nice and warm. Thank you.

      • Submitted on 21st January 2012
  • Mr Taylor, UK
    • Perfect - I use my spats for golf and over the last two weeks have finished with nice clean & dry trousers. I also noticed that my ankles were kept nice and warm. The mud soon sponges of the spats a great idea. Many thanks.

      • Submitted on 19th January 2012
  • Ms Baron, UK
    • Our second pair each of Spats have just been delivered really quickly - thank-you for such excellent service. We use them for rambling - they're effective and easy to use - the first pair have lasted several years, and will now be downgraded for gardening!

      • Submitted on 13th January 2012
  • Mr Parker, UK
    • You provide a good service, what an example you set. Well done & Good Luck.

      • Submitted on 13th January 2012
  • Mr Nuttall, UK
    • Excellent product, highly recommended. Had a problem with one order not arriving ( Christmas post ! ) but problem dealt with by Spats very efficiently. Good customer service.

      • Submitted on 11th January 2012
  • Ms Nolan, UK
    • Both my husband and I have had a pair of Spats for many years and have just ordered another pair to replace one pair that are getting a bit worn. They are so easy to put on and take off. Have recommended them to friends in the past and only last week two members of our walking group asked where we got them from. Hope they order! I've also just received the mat but haven't tried it yet.

      • Submitted on 8th January 2012
  • Mr Madeley, UK
    • Good service, efficient and good value.

      • Submitted on 5th January 2012
  • Mr Silkstone, UK
    • I left my first pair on a church wall (an age thing) so had to buy another set. Service excellent as is the product and so much more convenient. Hopefully will be more diligent with these!!

      • Submitted on 28th December 2011
  • M Kent, UK
    • I have just received my second pair of Spats having had the first for many years, I use them for country dog walking. They are so quick and simple to use and so effective that they make full gaiters completely unnecessary except for serious hill walking in poor weather.

      • Submitted on 17th December 2011
  • M & L Weeks, UK
    • Your spats were recommended to us by some other walkers and we have bought them and found them great. So easy to put on and take off compared with the traditional type with zips and laces that were always coming unthreaded and cover your fingers with mud! Let us know if you come up with some other great ideas.

      M & L
      • Submitted on 14th December 2011
  • Mrs A West, UK
    • Excellent product,excellent service. Many thanks

      • Submitted on 14th December 2011
  • E Hudson, UK
    • Very pleased with my pair of spats,despatched very promptly. My husband has now ordered a pair for himself.

      • Submitted on 5th December 2011
  • K & L, UK
    • Just to say thank you for the spats. They arrived very quickly and work very well - much easier to use than full gaiters.

      • Submitted on 5th December 2011
  • Richard Scantlebury, UK
    • Came across these being used by a companion whilst on a walking holiday. I knew then that I had to have them. Since purchasing the Spats a friend has ordered two pairs on my recommendation! A great innovation for us walkers. Thank you.

      • Submitted on 1st December 2011
  • B Grierson, UK
    • After years of abuse from my wife regarding muddy trousers, I purchased a pair of your gaiters, life is now peaceful on this front.

      • Submitted on 24th November 2011
  • R Winkler, UK
    • I have bought 2 pairs now & they are brill,i have passed the word around the Golf course & i guess you will be getting more orders as a lot of men were very impressed & say their wives would be very happy as it means less washing. Keep up the good work & thank you very much.

      • Submitted on 19th November 2011
  • C Allen, UK
    • Very fast service. There was a transaction error where I was charged twice accidently (think it was the Broadband in Suffolk!) Very prompt refund. Easy communications. Lovely company and business style. Would definitely recommend them!

      • Submitted on 16th November 2011
  • M Willoughby, UK
    • This is the second pair of walking gaiters I have purchased, the first pair lasting several years. They are neat and easy to fit and effective in keeping mud from trousers. I have had used more traditional gaiters in the past and much prefer these to any other kind. The service from the company was first class

      • Submitted on 10th November 2011
  • A Gray, UK
    • Very good service and very pleased with my Spats. Easy to put on and clean. I use them for walking through very muddy paths.

      • Submitted on 11th November 2011
  • Mrs M Solomon, UK
    • Thank you for your prompt delivery (I noticed you were on holiday when I sent the order.) My husband already has some Spats which he is pleased with and we have friends who also use them. Will return to you in the future.

      • Submitted on 5th November 2011
  • M Lawler, UK
    • Excellent customer service, quick and reliable and very pleased with the spats.

      • Submitted on 4th November 2011
  • Mrs P Hynes, UK
    • Would it be possible to make Spats in breathable fabric? I find they sweat and the condensation dampens the trouser bottoms. As far as keeping mud out they're ideal.

      • Submitted on 2nd November 2011
  • F Preston, UK
    • Excellent product. No more fiddling about with elastic bands and zips. Great!

      • Submitted on 17th October 2011
  • F Prior, Carlisle UK
    • Having just returned home from a VERY muddy 8 mile walk, where one of the walkers was wearing your wonderful, effective and easy to wear spats, I got straight onto your website and ordered a pair. Can't wait to receive them.

      • Submitted on 9th October 2011
  • Mrs J Glennie, UK
    • Last pair of Spats got blown away after windy walk on Beara, Ireland. Kind husband ordered a replacement knowing i think there's no better alternative. I bought him some years ago and now he's also a fan, and now TenTors-walking-grandson too. Top product, great service.

      Mrs J Glennie
      • Submitted on 4th October 2011
  • Mrs D Galligan, UK
    • The Spats are a great find, we have spread the word and have ordered again and again.

      Best wishes,
      D Galligan
      • Submitted on 11th March 2011
  • R Ashford, UK
    • Brilliant service - I had recently had to return a faulty item and had a kind letter and replacement within days plus a free gift.

      Many thanks,
      R Ashford
      • Submitted on 10th February 2011
  • H Moore, UK
    • I play a lot of golf and in the winter your spats have saved me a lot of washing. I love them, but PLEASE could you make some in BLACK.

      H Moore

      Spats reply: We will try and find a source for quality black material, and will include them if possible. The Navy blue is a dark blue and might be acceptable to you.

      Many thanks,
      • Submitted on 21st November 2009
  • J Shorrey, Bradford UK
    • Please send me a pair of navy blue spats, boot size 6, to replace my original pair that have given me excellent service in the UK and other countries over the last thirteen years. Over the years I have passed on your information to many people who have admired them. I enclose a cheque.

      Yours faithfully,
      J Shorrey
      • Submitted on 17th September 2009
  • J G Baxter, Alvaston UK
    • I have used your gaiters for many years and found them very effective in minimising mud on hiking trousers. As my present pair are redundant, I should be pleased if you would send me an order form with the current pricing.

      Yours sincerely,
      J G Baxter
      • Submitted on 6th April 2009
  • Miss Z Bradshaw, Devon UK
    • Just a line to say how absolutely delighted I am with the spats I ordered from you.
      I had no great hopes that they would come in time for the long muddy walk I had planned for today, but they arrived this very morning, and they are superbly made and completely effective, without the heaviness of full length gaiters. Many thanks indeed.

      Yours sincerely,
      Z Bradshaw
      • Submitted on 4th November 1994

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